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Aaron J. Aisen, Esq., MPA

This is a picture of Attorney Aaron J. Aisen, owner of Aisen Law, PLLC

Aaron brings his clients experience in a number of sophisticated practice areas in both regulation and litigation. Aaron has over 10 years of experience in regulatory compliance, governance issues, data privacy, and complex litigation. He has successfully helped clients navigate various areas of law including in the areas of immigration, financial/insurance regulation, consumer protection, cybersecurity/data privacy, and commercial litigation. He  works to provide clients practical solutions to their problems whether it is helping a client navigate complex state and federal regulations and laws or complex litigation or helping a client with a basic small claims matter or traffic infraction. 

Aaron has over a decade of experience in federal court handling a wide variety of claims, including immigration, commercial, civil rights, and consumer protection claims.  Aaron earned his undergraduate degree from The George Washington University, his Master of Public Administration degree from Brigham Young University, and his law degree from the University at Buffalo. 


New York

District of Columbia

U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit

United States District Courts for the Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Districts of NY

United States District Court for the District of Columbia

United States Supreme Court

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