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My Immigration Application Was Denied and USCIS did not Follow Proper Protocol

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Anyone who has filled out an application for USCIS knows that it requires you to follow every instruction to the letter. One small mistake can result in a denial or a huge delay. However, sometimes a denial is due to USCIS not following proper procedure. When that happens, it almost always works against the applicant. So, what are your options?

If USCIS rules against you, and you (and/or your attorney) believe that USCIS violated its own protocols, you can sue USCIS. In this action, you can ask a federal judge to order USCIS to look at your application again an force the follow their own rules.

At Aisen Law, PLLC, we can bring lawsuits to force to force USICS to follow proper protocol. If USCIS is not timely deciding your application or not following proper protocol, please give me today for a free consultation about whether a lawsuit is appropriate in your case.

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