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What Are the Costs Associated with a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus?

The cost of an immigration application seems to be going up and up. USCIS recently announced that it is increasing certain fees. So, how much does a petition for a writ of mandamus cost?

There are generally two sets of costs associated with a mandamus petition.

The first set of costs are are the court and service expenses. The actual fee to file a mandamus petition with the court that is payable to the court is currently $402.00. Once the petition is filed, there is a relatively small expense associated with serving the petition on the government via mail or courier. The client is usually responsible for these expenses.

The second set of costs are the attorneys fees and expenses. Like many firms, Aisen Law, PLLC charges a flat rate for the preparation and filing of a mandamus petition. The actual rate will depend on the complexity of the case. The client is also usually responsible for any attorney expenses, e.g., travel expenses (if travel is required).

Call Aisen Law, PLLC today to determine if a petition for a writ of mandamus is appropriate in your case.

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